Julia & Trevor’s Wedding| The Venue

One of the perks of being a wedding photographer is that you get to hear a lot of good love stories and everyone loves a good love story right? We all know a few high school sweethearts that are living happily ever after but how many couples can say they met the love of their life in elementary school? Let me tell you about Julia and Trevor! Their moms are teachers at the local elementary school where Julia and Trevor both attended  and more often than not they found themselves in the same class. Since teachers kids don’t get to go home when the dismissal bell rings these two became fast friends . I like to imagine them running the empty halls or having the play ground to themselves and wonder if their teachers knew then that they would eventually become sweethearts? It’s  probably safe to say that Julia and Trevor do not remember a time without the other in their lives. So how could they possibly imagine a future without one another? They could not! So without further ado I present to you the incredibly perfect wedding of Mr. & Mrs. Trevor Willingham!

The Venue Chattanooga
Bud Floral
Studio B-3 Lindsey Jones Hair Stylist
Candace Hernandez Makeup Artist
Apron Strings Catering
The Plan B Band





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