Colleen and Andrew| Firefly Meadows

Colleen and Andrew took the term DIY wedding to a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL! Oh yes, they created eye candy galore such as whiskey barrels full of blankets, handmade signs and pinecone fire starter gifts for their guest but this couple truly reached overachiever status when they….built. their. own .venue! There was never another location to consider other than to marry on their own gorgeous farm but where on that beautiful piece of land was the question? That’s when an old metal hay barn caught their attention and the work began. Colleen and Andrew started cleaning out hay and building up walls! They then added a stage, erected wood beams, painted exposed rafters (shew I’m tired just talking about it) but that wasn’t nearly enough….They hung antique windows , bistro lights and a crystal chandelier over the ceremony area plus a million other personal touches to transform a once cold metal barn into a warm and welcoming area for their guest to celebrate with them. Now our vote is that they open up this little jewel to the wedding community! Do you know someone who would love to be married here?

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