Savannah¬†& Joe decided to do things a little differently for their wedding day and I have to admit¬†that the result was really fantastic. It was very important to¬†Savannah & Joe¬†that their¬†vows be exchanged in a intimate setting¬†of immediate family, a handful of closest of friends¬†and completely¬†God¬†centered. But they¬†also didn’t want to miss out on having big¬†celebration¬†party? So they came up with a¬†great plan…they would do both!¬†A very small ceremony was held in the late afternoon¬†under¬†the¬†beautiful shade tree at Maypop Fields. There was no wedding party, no flower girl, just a precious couple exchanging¬†some of the most sincerest vows that I’ve¬†ever had the privilege of witnessing.¬†¬†After the ceremony¬†Savannah and Joe had allowed for a couple of hours to¬†leisurely take photographs around the property,¬†visit with the ones the loved, even have a private¬†meal together before…..¬†The PARTY arrived.¬† They were not kidding about¬†throwing great party. The ceremony may have been small but the party was BIG!¬†This couple is well loved by lots of people and I’m pretty sure they¬†all showed up to celebrate with Sav & Joe.¬†What no one at the party knew was¬†that Savannah’s roommate had invited a very special¬†surprise guest to join in the fun.¬†So you can imagine the excitement that went through the crowd when MISS EMILY ANN ROBERTS took the microphone to sing the couples first dance song!¬†It¬†truly was a special day¬†uniquely tailored to reflect a truly special couple.¬†

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