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Lindsey and Tyler’s Wedding at The Pavilion at Hunter Valley Farm

If you google how to handle rain on your wedding day with style and grace, I’m pretty sure Tyler and Lindsey’s picture will pop up. This Bride and Groom were not about to let mother nature “dampen” (excuse the pun) their big day! Tyler and Lindsey have in abundance the two things needed to ensure a perfect wedding day no matter what the weather. Number one was a FANTASTIC attitude and Number two was an INCREDIBLE support team.  As a matter of fact those two attributes will come in pretty handy in marriage!

Nancy Barger and her Hunter Valley Farm team handled switching gears from the planned outdoor ceremony to transforming the pavilion into a gorgeous indoor ceremony space with professionalism and ease that was nothing short of amazing. Creating a perfect intimate setting for Tyler and Lindsey to exchange their handwritten vows and take their first communion as husband and wife served by Tyler’s dad. It was definitely one of the sweetest ceremonies I have ever been privileged to witness.

There was only one thing that Lindsey admitted to being nervous about as she watched the weather forecast the week of the wedding…..the photographs (no pressure) and though we did not get the break in the clouds that we had hoped for, the rain provided for lovely soft light and the umbrellas were just the right fit for Tyler and Lindsey’s fun personalities. In the end, it is Happy Couples that make the most beautiful photographs and this adorable couple has plenty of Happy!

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