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Megan and Austin Wedding at Whitestone Country Inn

I can’t think of a better way to start off 2017 than reflecting on the wedding of a beautiful couple in a beautiful place. Megan and Austin have known of each other much of their lives, they lived in the same community, their parents even hung out together on occasion but it was a random text in high school that started the spark that ended in fireworks a few years later over The Whitestone Inn on their wedding day. Megan and Austin’s wedding was the kind of wedding that most people dream of… The Venue, The Dress, The Flowers, The Food, The Music …. EVERYTHING was perfection. And as outstanding as all of these things were, none of these “things” are what stand out to me as to what made their wedding day so special. When I reflect back on Megan and Austin’s wedding day, I think about the first time that I met with Megan, her mom and Austin’s mom. It was evident that the planning of this incredible event was going to be FUN and it was going to be a family affair! The way these two families came together to give this sweet couple a dream wedding was simply amazing . Nothing warms my heart more than when not only the bride and groom love each other but their families love each other as well, because that’s when you know they will have all the tools needed for a happy life. So as I look forward to the 2107 wedding season, my prayer for every bridal couple is that all the lovely places and decoration that make up your wedding day will simply be the extension of the love, happiness and dedication in your hearts. Happy New Year!

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