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Caitlin and Elijah’s Wedding at All Saints Catholic Church

I loved this wedding A LOT. I loved this couple, loved their dedication to family and their church but I have to be honest and say that the superficial cherry on top of the many reasons that I loved this wedding is that Caitlin’s maiden name is Austin and Elijah’s last name is Martin. Put those two names together and I can’t help but think of my all time favorite bond car the Aston Martin. In my opinion this is an absolute sign that this couple was meant to be together. Forgive me, I’m a guy and just can’t help myself. Ha!

In all seriousness, This was a gorgeous wedding. Caitlin and Elijah’s wedding style was the kind of classic that transcends time. If they have a daughter in the future it wouldn’t surprise me at all if she chooses to carry some aspect of Caitlin’s bridal look with her down the aisle. Their ceremony at All Saints Catholic Church was a wonderful reflection of their deep faith in God as well as their kind, selfless spirits towards one another and their guest. Following Mass everyone was invited to a fantastic party at Southern Railway Station, in downtown Knoxville. Guest enjoyed viewing the vintage railway cars and sipping cocktails  before the new Mr. & Mrs. Martin made their grand entrance into the reception area. Caitlin and Elijah set the bar high on dance moves with their first dance and their friends and family accepted the challenge! What a fun crowd and fun evening. It was my great privilege to be part of this beautiful day.

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