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Kylie and Jordan’s Wedding at Estate of Grace Farm

Hey, It’s Tiffany! I’m hijacking the blog today because TODAY’S blog is all about our oldest niece Kylie’s wedding! Whoo Hoo! I’m a little bit excited and full of fluffy girly words that Scott’s “man card” won’t allow him to write soooooooo here we go with all the feels of a super proud aunt!

I remember it was a little over two years ago when Kylie first mentioned “studying” with this guy named Jordan. The funny thing was, is that every time she said his name she turned red and started giggling. That’s when we knew that this Jordan fella was extra special. A year later our beloved Kylie Bug was wearing a large sparkly ring and our whole family went into wedding mode. Imagine the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” but instead of Greek we are SOUTHERN! Ha! Now you would think that having helped Scott photograph over 100 weddings that I would have been prepared  for all the emotions that go along with someone you love dearly getting married but let me tell you… it did NOT! When Kylie said yes to the dress we were all slinging Kleenex around like big babies right there in the middle of White Lace and Promises. In fact, waterworks seemed to be a theme that would carry on right through the very end of the wedding day with the number one award winner of most tears shed being my sweet, sweet brother ( a.k.a Father of the Bride). My goodness does this man love his girls! When the big day finally arrived, Kylie and her dad decided to do a first look once she was in the dress. This turned out to be an excellent call considering that we all had to reapply our make up after it was over. Yes, it was supposed to be a private moment but there just happened to be this big old kitchen window strategically placed for perfect viewing : ) Don’t worry when it came time for her first look with Jordan we obeyed all the privacy rules, no peeking allowed.

Kylie and Jordan chose the Estate of Grace for their wedding day and we loved it! The original cabin that was used by the wedding party to get ready for the day had been completely remodeled and was gorgeous! Chip and Joanna Gains would definitely be impressed. The ceremony site was set with antique benches, hand hewn alter cross and the most stunning mountain views of House and LeConte as the backdrop. There was also a huge fire pit for guest to roast marshmallows and get toasty which was perfect for a fall evening. It was all so very lovely.

And even though I had already seen her several times that day, when the time came for Kylie to walk down the aisle I thought my heart was absolutely going to pop! When did she grow up into this amazingly beautiful woman? Surprisingly, my brother held it together pretty well as he gave his first born daughter away, after all we couldn’t be happier with Kylie’s choice. Jordan is a terrific guy from a wonderful family and they really are the cutest little love birds you’ve ever seen. Once we got these two hitched it was time to eat and dance! Now I have to make a small confession, normally when I’m working with Scott I slip out before the party. It’s not that I don’t love a good reception, it’s just that the dog usually needs saving and honestly my dance skills shouldn’t really be seen by the general public.  It would be bad for business. Ha! But this time …It. Was. On! Sammy with Ogle Entertainment kept the dance floor packed and there may or may not have been a small scuffle over the last piece of Regina Long’s strawberry cake. I think it’s safe to say that we all had the very best time acting quite the fool and celebrating Mr. & Mrs. Mullins! At the end of the evening we sent Kylie and Jordan away to their Jamaican Honeymoon through a tunnel of sparklers with a lot of love and maybe just one more tear of joy.

Welcome to our big crazy family Jordan, we are so happy to have you as are a part of it!

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