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Spence Cabin Bridal

FINALLY Liz is officially Mrs. McElhaney and we get to share her gorgeous Smoky Mountain Bridal Portraits at her Spence Cabin venue. This one has been hard to keep under wraps! Seeing Liz’s joy in “trying out” her complete bridal look for the first time reminds me of all the reasons that every bride needs her own portrait session. You have worked HARD for months planning the perfect wedding day, it’s time to put all those puzzle pieces together and SPOIL yourself. So bring your best girl, put on that incredible dress, pop the prosecco and have some fun!

Not only does it give you the opportunity for relaxed, stress free photographs it also gives you a great trial run for the wedding. Can you move comfortably in the dress for an entire day? Do your shoes fit well? Does your hair and make up translate how you imagined on camera? It’s hard to believe looking at these images that our stunning bride would have wanted to change a single detail of her look for the big day but in fact the bridal session helped her make the decision to wear her hair up instead of down for the wedding which was definitely a win win choice as she looked amazing both days! So if you are on the fence about bridal portraits go ahead and jump over to the YES side, you will be glad you did!

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